First Post In A New Environment

It's always the most difficult to start writing on a yet empty blog.
You always think, it should be the "right" post to start it all off with and sit there staring at your screen while nothing is happening.
The topic should be something good, relevant and/or interesting.
Or one could simply pretend it's not the first post and just start with a post.
But somehow that doesn't feel right. How to start a blog isn't that simple.
On the other hand it's not rocket science either but still.

The modern web, the "web 2.0", brought immense amounts of people to the web and start blogs and websites to express their opinions, years before MySpace, Facebook and co. I'd bet most of them started with the thought, they just have to publish something and people will come running. Maybe they were right in the beginning.
Today's reality is much more different as we know, though.

It's so easy of expressing your opinion, sharing your thoughts these days, that you should probably just get rid off the thought of doing something no-one did before, to write about that "special" topic no-one writes about.
In reality everything was done before and because there are so many people out there doing the same as you do, maybe get used to the idea of no-one ever reading your posts.
No matter how good you write, you may find a few followers but, again, reality is harsh. we are now with a post that has nothing really to offer except life experience *cough*. But it's the first post. At least in a Ghostblog environment.

When I think no-one will read it, why do I bother creating a blog then?
Simple, on another project while writing on the changelog, I realized, I like writing about that kind of stuff. What I did, what I improved, what difficulties I encountered. I'm still specifically lazy with changelogs and still think blogs these days are dying out, as the attention span of people shortened too much for blog posts.
But thinking as I do takes pressure off of you. You don't have to write incredibly good posts or often, just do it whenever you want, how you want, short or long, doesn't matter.

Previously I used Wordpress (I am not new to blogging), there aren't really solid alternatives if self-hosting is more important than anything else to you and to me it is. I like to have the full control over what I create. There certainly are limits to it, though. Hence, Medium wouldn't work for me, just like Blogger and similar, while Tumblr is...well Tumblr.

At the end of the last year I found Uberspace by chance, a hoster who gives you a lot of freedom in what you can do with your "uberspace", unlike I've ever seen before. Here you can use node.js to your liking, more or less. Usually you have to use a particular node.js supporting hoster or pay a lot of money extra - not with Uberspace.
It was even surprisingly easy to setup with a guide from Uberspace.

Why Ghost? Because its focus lies on blogging unlike Wordpress.
It's simple and looks really nice, it's new, relatively customizable and exciting and was easy to setup.
This particular theme (Saga, while writing this) doesn't support comments, others support Disqus, I don't like Disqus or the idea of using it, though, so Saga it is for now.
And knowing no-one is going to read this, it's not really necessary to have comments anyway, isn't it? In the unlikely event of you wanting to contact me, though, the mail address is in the footer.